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To download the Domino driver application and authorization forms, please select the pdf document found here.

OTR Driver Job Discription

As a driver for Domino Transport you will be required to work odd hours on an irregular schedule. You may be away from home 5 to 14 days at a time. A driver should be able to work up to 14 hours per day and in that time be able to drive (sit stationary) for up to 11 of the 14 hrs. Job requires moderate physical activity, Such as climbing in and out of the truck and trailer, placing load bars, restacking freight (in rare cases), fueling truck and trailer, performing safety checks on equipment where bending and crawling may be nessicary. Driver will be reguired to complete a moderate amount of book keeping, logs, trip sheets etc. The work enviorment can be extreme from extreme cold to extreme heat. Driver should be able to content with harsh weather, high pressure of congested traffic, loud noises, smells, dirt and dust, while remaining polite and professional while dealing with customers and the traveling public.

Driver Qualifications

Hiring Qualifications

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Thank you for your interest in Domino Transport.